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        Coaching and Support for Certified Family Peer
Support Workers throughout New Mexico!

For: All New Mexico Certified Family Peer Support Workers currently serving families.

What is Coaching? Coaching, both individual and group, is an opportunity for Family Peers to come together and share, learn, and support each other under the guidance of an experienced Family Peer with years of lived and professional experience. It is also an opportunity for Family Peers to bring their own expertise to share with their peers and grow the network of resources throughout the state.

What does it include? New Mexico Family Peer Support uses a coaching model that provides support, education, and self-reflection. Each session will include a regulation exercise, sharing of successes, a brief-learning moment, and a time for reflection and group discussion. Sessions occur twice a month and we ask that you commit to attending most of the sessions for the first 3 months, this will allow you to get to know your peers and fully engage in the process.

Who is the coach? The current coach in New Mexico, Paulette Mader, MSN, has been working with Family Peers in New Mexico for the last year and is excited to expand this opportunity to include all Family Peers working in the State. Paulette is a family member with lived experience and a former Family Support Organization Director and was president of the NJ Alliance of Family Support Organizations. Paulette currently works at Rutgers University as a Senior Training and Consultation Specialist and Lead Family Coordinator.

How do I attend? When you register you will be added to a series of calendar invites with the Zoom link and other information about the coaching included. We will also send you a confirmation email with the Zoom link, which will be the same each time. If you are interested in individual coaching, that can be arranged on a case-by-case, space available basis directly with the coach.

We do ask that you make an earnest commitment to attend regularly for 3 months as it takes a while for a group to feel comfortable discussing their families and reflecting on their work with other group members. 

A note for Supervisors: Unless you are also a Certified Family Peer also working with families we ask that you not attend the regular coaching sessions so the peers have time to connect and work in a space just for them. There are bi-monthly sessions where we invite the supervisors to attend. If you are interested in Supervisor coaching for yourself, those opportunities will be made available soon, so let us know.

Training Sessions:
August 31, 2023   10:00AM-12:00PM