Trainer: Elizabeth Bennett

27.5 Social Work CEUs

This 8-week course will offer participants an opportunity to discover and practice fundamental concepts of mindfulness practice as presented by Jon Kabat-Zinn’s Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction program. Mindfulness-based stress reduction invites participants to participate in formal and informal meditation practices including sitting and laying meditation, gentle movement practice, and eating and walking meditation. Course time will also include didactic components and reflective dialogue centered on contemplative practices taking place during and outside of class. 

January 24th Orientation from 2:30PM –5:00PM MST
February 7th Class One from 2:30PM –5:00PM MST
February 14th Class Two from 2:30PM –5:00PM MST
February 21st Class Three from 2:30PM –5:00PM MST
February 28th Class Four from 2:30PM –5:00PM MST
March 7th Class Five from 2:30PM –5:00PM MST
March 14th Class Six from 2:30PM –5:00PM MST
March 18th ALL DAY Silent Retreat 9:00AM-4:00PM MST
March 21st Class Seven from 2:30PM –5:00PM MST
March 28th Class Eight from 2:30PM –5:00PM MST

Open to the Public and CYFD, $375 per person or fee waiver required

This training is closed