Trainers: Jami Furr, Ph.D. and Bridget Poznanski, Ph.D.

4.5 Social Work CEUs Pending Approval (Also Accepted by NM Counseling Board)

This is an in-person event for CYFD Staff, Youth Serving Providers, and Community Members in Torrance County

Connecting quickly and effectively with children and teens (2-18 years of age) in the aftermath of disasters and crisis events is essential to providing needed support and uptake of coping skills. Child-Adult Relationship Enhancement (CARE) is a trauma-informed, culturally sensitive set of skills based on several strong evidence-based parenting programs. CARE uses specific skills for general use by all adults who interact or work with children, including those who have experienced trauma. Respond with CARE skills are designed to:

a) connect with children in a positive way

b) increase compliance with adult instructions

c) decrease many problematic behaviors and reactions commonly noted after exposure to disasters or crisis events.

This training covers an overview of how crisis events, such as disasters, impact children across the age span and skills designed to improve relationships and reduce mild to moderate reactions. The training, designed with adult learning theory principles, includes a mix of didactics, discussion, videos, games, and small group exercises.

This training has been postponed indefinitely. For more available CARE trainings, please click the following links below to be redirected to the Las Vegas, NM session or the Los Lunas, NM session.

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