Thank you for your interest in Family Peer Support in New Mexico. The Center of Innovation at NMSU is supporting the Children, Youth and Families Department, Behavioral Health Services to expand and sustain the children’s behavioral health service array throughout the state. An essential component of a robust system of care is the support provided to parents and caregivers of children and youth with behavioral health challenges through providing family peer support services at all levels of the continuum of care.

Family Peer Support, sometimes referred to as Parent Peer Support, assists parents and primary caregivers who need support and guidance in how to access and engage with child serving systems. Families benefit from the support of a trained and Certified Family Peer Support Worker (CFPSW) who has lived experience parenting a child or youth with emotional, behavioral, and mental health challenges. Education, support, and advocacy are integral components of Family Peer Support Programs, which are grounded in a System of Care approach that places strong emphasis on family and youth voice and choice in service delivery and administration.

To guide our planning for an expansion and increased support for Family Peer Support throughout the state we are reaching out to current and potential providers to ensure we have an up to date and accurate list of those who are currently or are interested in providing Family Peer Support.

Completing this form does not commit the provider or the state to any future action and is purely for informational purposes. We do commit to ensuring anyone completing this form will receive regular updates regarding program development and training opportunities.