The PPS Practice Model in its entirety – PPSP, Supervisor, and Train the Trainer curricula, associated materials and manuals, are the intellectual property of the Family-Run Executive Director Leadership Association (FREDLA). This Agreement defines the parameters for which the material will be delivered and only by those that have been specifically trained to do so.

Copyrighted material may only be used by authorized persons (i.e., those trained and credentialed by FREDLA) and only in the manner in which it is approved for use.  The PPS Practice Model manual and accompanying materials are only accessible to those trained to provide the Practice Model and shall not be shared with other individuals, groups, or entities.

This agreement shall be signed by each Training Participant (hereafter referred to as the Participant) who receive training manuals and accompanying materials.  By signing this agreement, the Participant agrees to adhere to the following restrictions:

  • Curricula and associated materials and manuals, including virtual trainings, recordings, or digital materials, are not to be shared with others, disseminated, or used as part of other trainings offered by persons outside of the training cadre credentialed by FREDLA. This includes materials received electronically and through virtual platforms.
  • The use of Artificial Intelligence or recording of PPS Practice Model trainings is not permitted.
  • Only those trained and credentialed as PPS Practice Model Trainers by FREDLA have permission to use the materials, and then only in the way in which it was intended and under the coordination of the Purchaser/License holder.  All trainers have received instruction on providing the PPSP and Supervisor trainings and appropriate uses of the modules for targeted training with PPSPs and PPSP Supervisors.  Additional trainers must be credentialed through FREDLA as detailed in Credentialing and Expectations for PPS Practice Model Trainers.
  • Credentialed trainers will offer the curricula only in the area in which they are authorized to do so and under the coordination of the Purchaser/License holder. To note, when the PPS Practice Model is purchased by a state or organization within a state, it can only be used in that state and only by trainers credentialed by FREDLA.  Trainers cannot credential other trainers and cannot offer the curricula or materials outside the specific area; as a training package for purchase or use by another organization, provider, or entity; or outside the scope of the Model (i.e., only for PPSPs and PPSP Supervisors).
  • Unauthorized or inappropriate use of any part of the PPS Practice Model by a Training Participant, Trainer or other individual or entity will result in legal action.

Family-Run Executive Director Leadership Association