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What is Child Parent Psychotherapy (CPP)?

Child Parent Psychotherapy (CPP) is the core intervention model towards the mission of Infant Mental Health to mitigate the transmission of intergenerational trauma between parents and infants. The effectiveness of CPP relies on a competent team of clinicians who can comply with the fidelity of the model to increase capacity across the state. Child Parent Psychotherapy (CPP) is the only Evidence Based Practice for infants 0-3 who have experienced trauma.

Clinicians are grounded in CPP intervention through a rigorous training program.  By applying the CPP skills, clinicians support family strengths and relationships, and help them heal and grow after traumatic experiences, while maintaining respect for the family and their cultural values.

The CPP program for the State of New Mexico is overseen by the NM Children Youth and Families Department, Behavioral Health Services. The Center of Innovation coordinates training and events on behalf of CYFD.

Training and Certification

If you are interested in joining the Child Parent Psychotherapy Clinical Training Program, please contact us.


Please visit the NM CYFD Infant and Early Childhood Mental Health Services Page for a full list of resources and other information about New Mexico’s Infant Mental Health and Child Parent Psychotherapy Program.

There are also books available on a limited basis to provider agencies participating in the New Mexico CYFD Infant Mental Health CPP Community of Practice, clinician training program. Please visit the IMH Book Request Page and fill out the form there to request materials.

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