Coaching Endorsement

Coach in Training (CIT) Track

Ongoing and regular coaching of Wraparound Facilitators is required to meet and maintain the standards of High-Fidelity Wraparound in New Mexico. All providers agencies wishing to provide the NM Wraparound model in their community must employ or contract with an endorsed coach to supervise facilitators in their agency.

The Coach in Training (CIT) Track seeks to ensure that individuals only receive an endorsement if they can demonstrate the necessary comprehension and skills demanded of the position.

Application Requirements

The following requirements must be met to submit an application to enter the Coach in Training track:

  1. Must be a currently Certified Wraparound Facilitator in good standing.
  2. Must be in the Wraparound Supervisor Role in an approved NM High-Fidelity Wraparound Provider Agency.

Master Coaches

Current Master Coaches approved by NM Wraparound Leadership to train CITs are:

Rosella McCaffrey, CYFD-BHS Clinical Manger

Arturo Calderon, CYFD-BHS Wraparound Manager

Steve Johnson, NMSU-COI Wraparound Consultant

Criteria and approval process for becoming a Master Coach is in development.

Are you READY to Submit for Coaching Endorsement?

  • Successfully complete all phases of the CIT Track
  • Coach a minimum of one current Wraparound Facilitator
  • Complete 3 Team Observation Measure’s(TOMS)
  • Co-Facilitate 1 Wraparound Training
  • Have a minimum of 20 hours of observed coaching
  • Meet or Exceed all competencies in Coach Competency Assessment


Apply for Coaching Endorsement

The Coach Endorsement Verification form along with all supporting documents will be reviewed by NM Wraparound Leadership. Acceptance or denial of endorsement will be communicated to the applicant within 30 days via letter.

Maintaining Endorsement

Once a coaching endorsement is awarded by NM Wraparound, the coach is responsible to maintain the endorsement by:

  • Maintaining status as Certified Wraparound Facilitator;
  • Remaining in good standing by fulfilling all expectations and fidelity standards of the NM Wraparound model and as articulated in its ethical standards;
  • Coaching at least one Wraparound individual for most of the time the endorsement is valid; or
  • Participating in the learning community or in the advancement and promotion of the NM Wraparound model in New Mexico, as approved by CYFD-BHS.

Coaching Endorsement will be reviewed every two years concurrent with application for recertification as a Certified Wraparound Facilitator.

Coach in Training Forms and Documents

Coach in Training Forms and Documents
CIT Track Overview of Phases
CIT Track Verification Form
Coaching Agreement
Coach in Training Competency Assessment
CIT Coaching Hours Observation Log
Coaching Observation Tool
Wraparound Exception and Waiver Request Waivers and Exceptions are only permitted for a few processes in the implementation of the NM High Fidelity Wraparound model. Please refer to the NM High Fidelity Provider Manual and Implementation Guide to identify what processes are eligible.