Wraparound eLearning: What to Expect

  • There are 5 Wraparound eLearning modules to be completed prior to attending the Foundations of Wraparound Practice Training.
  • Each module is a self-paced online learning with interactive components to enhance learning.
  • You may complete each course at your own pace, please plan for 1 to 2 hours to complete each one.
  • Modules 2 & 3 have audio narration, please make sure your device has a speaker or headphones.
  • Each module has a quiz at the end and modules 2-5 also have required short answer questions.
  • Upon successful completion of each module a certificate will be generated.
  • See COI Training Portal information below for how to access eLearning course.
  • FiTs will be assigned a user name and password upon registering for Foundations of Wraparound Practice.

COI Training Portal

All Wraparound eLearning courses can be accessed via our external training site hosted by TalentLMS, COI Training Portal. You must have a user name and password assigned by the Center of Innovation before you can gain access.

  • All FITs will be assigned a user name and password upon enrollment in the Facilitator-in-Training Track.
  • All five eLearning modules should be completed prior to attending Day 1 of Foundations training, unless a special waiver is granted.
  • For those not on the FIT track, eLearnings are recommended but not required. Once you register for Foundations training you will be assigned a user name and password.

User Name and Password

  • You will receive your user name and password via email from the Center of Innovation within 3 days of enrollment or registration.
  • If you do not receive it or need help logging in please contact [email protected].


If you are not attending Foundations of Wraparound training but are interested in taking the Wraparound eLearnings, please email [email protected] to request access.

eLearning Modules

Click on plus signs below for a description of each module.

Module 1 – Facilitator in Training Overview

Module 1 describes the rigorous training and certification process known as the NM Wraparound Facilitator in Training (FIT) Track. Before taking on the responsibilities of a  Facilitator, it is important to understand High-Fidelity Wraparound and the critical role Facilitators play in this process.

Module 2 – History and Research of Wraparound

Module 2 reviews the history and research of Wraparound both at the national level and in New Mexico. Wraparound and its place within a Children’s System of Care is explored to include utilization and cost drivers of certain treatment modalities within the current system. The effectiveness of Wraparound in comparison to other treatment modalities is discussed.

Module 3 – What is Wraparound?

Module 3 explores what Wraparound is and where it fits within a System of Care and System of Care coordination.  The definition of Wraparound and the Theory of Change upon which Wraparound operates are discussed in detail.  Participants will learn about the distinctives of Wraparound and how it differs from other interventions.

Module 4 – Wraparound Values

Module 4 presents each of the 11 Core Values that are Essential to the practice of High-Fidelity Wraparound in New Mexico.  A Wraparound Facilitator is expected to work with a family, providers and system partners while consistently applying these values. When these values are consistently practiced, a youth and family starts to believe that their voice matters and that there is hope for change. At the same time, providers and system partners experience the power of collaboration and validation.  The definition of each value, why it is needed and the value’s benefit to the Wraparound process is discussed.

Module 5 – Adverse Childhood Experiences

Module 5 explores Adverse Childhood Experiences and the lifelong impact of early childhood trauma on a person’s physical and mental health.  Prevalence of ACEs at both the national and state level is discussed.  Participants will learn their own ACE score and consider how ACEs may impact the youth and families involved with NM Wraparound.

Continuing Education Credit

  • Modules 1-5 are eligible for Wraparound Continuing  Education Credits
  • Modules 2-5 are also approved for 1 hour each of Social Work Continuing Education Credit, up to 4.0 hours total can be earned.
  • Certificates are generated upon successful completion of each course, the quiz and associated write in responses.