Attuned Workforce Training


Participants will receive an overview of the integration of the Nurtured Heart Approach, stress management and emotional regulation, and organizational culture change.

Community Partner Training- Sponsored by CYFD-BHS

2.75 Social Work CEU | 3 Length

Trainer: Frank Picone, LCSW, Center for Great Expectations

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Learning Objectives

• Explain what is meant by “Attuned Workforce”.
• Identify one mindset that aligns with the Attuned workforce.
• Identify 2 benefits from being an attuned Workforce.
• Identify the 4 R’s of Becoming Attuned amidst chronic stress.
• Identify and contract Positive, Tolerable and Toxic stress.
• Identify 3 brain capabilities that are diminished when the brain is exposed to chronic and overwhelming stress.
• Explain 1 deference between the impact on brain functioning for a person experiencing a “Single Event Stressor” vs “complex trauma”.
• Name 3 survival skills people with trauma may utilize to cope.
• Identify 2 domains of life that are affected by trauma.
• Define what emotional regulation is.
• Identify and describe the brain state for each of the 4 zones of regulation.
• Identify the 3 parts of an adult reset strategy plan.
• Identify 3 strategies for regulating your emotional state.
• Explain what is meant by a “Negative Narrator” inner voice.
• Identify 3 attuned body language recommendations.
• Explain 3 recommended de-escalation strategies.


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