What is Youth Peer Support?

A lot changes as youth transition to adulthood and take on more independence. It is helpful to have some help along the way from someone who has been through something similar. Youth Peer Support is a community-based program that employs young people who have successfully navigated life challenges, to promote belonging, hope, and shared power within the community as a Youth Peer Support Specialist (YPSS).

Youth Peer Support 101

What is a Youth Peer Support Specialist?

Youth Peer Support Specialists connect with peers in their community in a mutual relationship of shared empathy and demonstrated resiliency. They provide the additional support, validation, and encouragement necessary for youth to effectively engage with their support systems during the transition to adulthood.

Information for Youth Peer Support Specialists

The cross-sectional Youth Peer Support Infrastructure Development team is curating the following trainings to be made available to YPSSs and their agencies. Visit our Youth Peer Support Trainings Page for detailed training descriptions.

  • Youth Peer Support 101
  • Youth Peer Support Certification Training
  • Youth Peer Support Supervisor Training
  • Follow-up trainings on specialized topics


Requirements for Youth Peer Support Specialist Certification:

  • Complete application and interview process to verify eligibility
  • Attend 40-hour Youth Peer Support Certification Training
  • Complete 40 hours of Work Exposure Hours with a youth serving agency
  • Complete oral Reflection of Learning or written Exam for certification


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