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Youth Peer Support Resources & Tools

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Youth Peer Support Implementation Resources

New Mexico Youth Peer Support Implementation Guide

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The New Mexico Youth Peer Support Implementation Guide contains the guiding principles, recommended practices, and sample forms for organizations providing Youth Peer Support Services.

New Mexico CYPSS Field Guide

The CYPSS Field Guide contains resources for Youth Peer Support Specialist practice. All resources included in the guide are covered in the Youth Peer Support Certification Training. The field guide is meant to serve as a quick access tool for CYPSS working with youth in the community.

Youth Peer Support Program Evaluation Measures

Child and Youth Resilience Measure (CYRM-R)

NM-YPS recommends agencies offering Youth Peer Support use the Child and Youth Resiliency Measure to evaluate YPS participant outcomes. Collaboratively developed by researchers from 11 countries, the CYRM-R is a mixed methods approach to measuring resilience in youth that takes into account the interplay between an individual youth’s characteristics and the attributes of their culture. The CYRM-R’s cross-cultural design makes it a logical choice to measure the resilience of the diverse youth receiving New Mexico Youth Peer Support Services.