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Vendor Set Up

 The Center of Innovation for Behavioral Health and Wellbeing is part of New Mexico State University and therefore all contracts will be with the University.

The exact process for establishing a contract will differ somewhat depending on the service and funding source but a few core components and policies will be consistent regardless.

The process will require review from multiple staff and may require review and approval by state agency partners, depending on funding source. 

For additional information about the vendor registration process, please visit the
⇒ NMSU Procurement Services Page and Vendors Menu. Must first receive an invite to register as vendor. 

What Will Be Needed? 

  1. Process started a minimum of 60 days* prior to scheduled training
  2. Contact Information
  3. W-9 with SSN or EIN
  4. Provide nature of work that will be done for NMSU
  5. For Vendors with $25K or more from Federal Sources must register with Federal Government and complete additional paperwork, as requested
  6. Developed Scope of Work and Cost Proposal

*Begin process early as it can take time to complete and contracts must be in place prior to providing any services

Step One: Provide Contact Information

COI point of contact will request the following information:

◊ Business Name or Individual Name
◊ Business Point of Contact Name
◊ Contact Email
◊ Contact Phone Number


Step Two: Complete NMSU Vendor Registration

An email from NMSU AggieMart Procurement Services will be sent to email provided inviting the vendor to complete a questionnaire.

♦ Be prepared to provide a W-9 form with Social Security Number or Business EIN and provide nature of work that will be done for NMSU.

♦ Once vendor registration process is complete, the vendor will be assigned an Aggie ID number and will be eligible to enter into a contract with NMSU. This number will be associated with the vendor and any work that is done for the University going forward.

    Step Three: For Vendors with an Annual Contract of $25,000 or More from Federal Sources

    Complete a registration with the federal government

    ♦ Provide Unique Entity ID Number upon request from the NMSU Purchasing Office.

    Step Four: For Vendors with an Annual Contract of $ 35K+ or $150K+ from Federal Sources

    Depending on the dollar amount, vendors may also need to complete the following NMSU forms:

    ♦ Contracts $35,000+ must complete:

    ⇒ Federal Funded Vendor Conflict of Interest, Debarment/Suspension Certification

    ♦ Contracts $150,000+ must complete:

    ⇒ Federally Funded Payments to Influence, Clean Air/Water Pollution Certification

    ♦ Vendors may also be asked to provide details about the business, overall scope of services, or similar entities they provide similar services to in a Sole Source Justification:

    ⇒ Sole Source Justification Form

    Step Five: Define Scope of Services Request

    The COI point of contact will work with vendor to define the scope of services being requested.

    A scope of work must include the following information:

    1. On vendor letterhead or addressed from vendor to New Mexico State University.
    2. Grant or project name.
    3. Proposed Dates of Service(s).
    4. Overall service description and activities.
    5. Specific deliverables, when they will be completed, and how they will be submitted.
    6. Total Cost for Services including rate of pay, cost per deliverable, overall total and if total includes taxes and fees.
    7. Other specific information by request.

    Step Six: SOW Will Be Reviewed

    Processing of new contracts can take some time; each scope of work is reviewed by multiple agencies.

    • Once the contract is reviewed and funding is verified, it will be signed by multiple NMSU Departments. 
    • The contract will then be emailed to contractor from NMSU Purchasing Department for review and signature.
    • Once NMSU Purchasing Department receives the signed contract, NMSU will execute the PO and send the fully signed contract and PO to contractor.


    Invoice Instructions

    Contractors may invoice upon completion of deliverables. Invoices should be sent to Mary Ortaleza, COI Program Coordinator at [email protected].

    ⇒Once the invoice is received and approved by COI program staff it will be submitted for payment. NMSU will pay invoices 30 days after the invoice is submitted by the COI Program Staff⇐

    Invoices should include the following:
    ◊ Contractor Name and Address
    ◊ Date
    ◊ PO Number
    ◊ List of services delivered, and amount being billed for each
    ◊ Total amount due
    ◊ Attach copies of all reports, logs, progress reports and other deliverables as proof of completion unless previously submitted


    Update Vendor Profile via Portal

    Once the Vendor Set Up process is complete, vendors will have an opportunity to create a Vendor profile where they can update information as needed.

    ⇒View Vendor Portal Set Up Guide for Step-By-Step Instructions

    The Vendor Portal can be used to update the following information:

    • View, Change or Sign up for Direct Deposit 
    • View or Change Address on file
    • View or Change Vendor Contact Information 
    • Create Invoices 
    • Look up Sourcing Events

    ⇒If NO Direct Deposit is selected, Checks will be mailed to address used in vendor registration process.