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Community Partnerships

  1. Community Partnerships

Center for Great Expectations

The Center for Great Expectations provides mental health and substance abuse disorder resources to individuals impacted by trauma, abuse, and neglect.


Children’s Court Improvement Commission (CCIC)

Aims to improve the safety, permanency, and wellbeing of children and families in New Mexico’s Children’s Court by developing innovative initiative through court, agency, and stakeholder collaboration.


Children Youth & Families Dept – Behavioral Health Svcs

CYFD BHS works alongside Protective Services and Juvenile Justice Services to provide quality behavioral health services and support to meet the needs of New Mexico’s children, youth, and families.


Future Focused Education

Future Focused Education is a national organization that focuses on better connecting underserved and nontraditional students to college and careers.


Families and Youth Innovations Plus

FYI+ provides services to the families and youth of Dona Ana County including therapy and treatment services, innovative youth services, TiTi services, housing services, health and nutrition services, and child welfare services.


Local Collaborative 3 (LC3)

LC3 is the Behavioral Health Sector of the Resilience Leaders of Dona Ana County who provides services with the mission to reduce adverse childhood experience.


Motivational Interviewing Training Center (MITC)

MITC provides diverse and comprehensive trainings and coaching for those in the behavioral health field.

National Latino Behavioral Health Association (NLBHA)

NLBHA provides trainings and services with the mission to influence national behavioral health policy, eliminate disparities in funding and access to services, and improve the quality of services and treatment outcomes for Latino populations.

New Mexico Black Leadership Council (NMBLC)

NMBLC is a nonprofit organization that creates a viable and sustainable social profit sector designed to serve the black community in New Mexico.

New Mexico Children’s Court Mediation Program

The Children’s Court Mediation Program is a resource for CYFD staff, families, and the Courts, which aids child welfare professionals in their work with families facing long term issues to reach permanency solutions for children.

Nurtured Heart Institute

The Nurtured Heart Insitute trains on approaches that create connected relationships, emphasize positive behavior, and transform difficult intensities into abundant Inner Wealth.

Nusenda Credit Union

Nusenda is a statewide not-for-profit credit union that strives to improve members’ financial wellbeing and to support New Mexico’s communities.

Office of Family Representation and Advocacy (OFRA)

OFRA works to provide high quality legal representation and advocacy that promotes positive outcomes for families.

The Praed Foundation

Public charitable foundation provides information and resources for the following topics: Child and adolescent needs and strengths, adult needs and strengths assessment, family advocacy and support tools, readiness inventory for successful entrepreneurship, crisis assessment tools, and safe systems improvement tools.

University of New Mexico Community Behavioral Health

UNM Community Behavioral Health addresses New Mexico’s unique needs by treating mental health disorders in vulnerable populations such as teens at risk for self-harm, those at risk for incarceration, and the homeless.

Youth MOVE National

This chapter-based organization is dedicated to empowering young people by elevating youth voices of lived experience in various systems including mental health, juvenile justice, education, and child welfare, so that they have a future in which they thrive.