Community Partnerships

  1. Community Partnerships

Funding Partners

The Center of Innovation is proud to receive funding from a number of New Mexico State Agencies to support the mission of the Center of Innovation and further our shared vision of an accessible, effective, and responsive System of Care accross the State.

New Mexico Children, Youth, & Families Department – Behavioral Health Services

As our primary funder, CYFD-BHS provides leadership in the development and implementation of the System of Care for Children’s Behavioral Health in New Mexico. As the state agency responsible for High-Fidelity Wraparound, Family Peer Support, Youth Peer Support, and Children’s Mobile Response and Stabilization, BHS staff work alongside the Center of Innovation to manage all aspects of those programs. CYFD-BHS works alongside other divisions in their agency, Protective Services and Juvenile Justice Services, to ensure that children and families involved with those systems have access to high-quality behavioral health services and supports. CYFD-BHS also funds the COI to provide free training to community providers and other stakeholders on trauma responsive practice, the Nurtured Heart Approach, Motivational Interviewing, Cultural Humility, Youth & Family Engagement, and more.

Children’s Court Improvement Commission (CCIC)

The CCIC partners with the Center of Innovation through the Administrative Office of the Courts (AOC) Court Improvement Project (CIP). The AOC provides annual funding to the Center of Innovation to support their work planning and implementing the Children’s Law Institute, a statewide, multi-disciplinary conference addressing issues of importance in child welfare and juvenile justice. CCIC aims to improve the safety, permanency, and wellbeing of children and families in New Mexico’s Children’s Court by developing innovative initiative through court, agency, and stakeholder collaboration.


Training Partners

The Center of Innovation is proud to partner with a number of local and national training and program implementation organizations. Through our work with the NM Children, Youth, and Families Department, and other funding sources, we bring high quality training to the NM behavioral health, child welfare, and behavioral health workforce.

Nusenda Credit Union

Nusenda is a statewide not-for-profit credit union that partners with the Center of Innovation to provide financial workshop opportunities to youth throughout New Mexico by using the “Keys to Your Financial Future” curriculum from the Annie E. Casey Foundation.

Motivational Interviewing Training Center (MITC)

MITC and the Center of Innovation collaborate to provide training and coaching opportunities to behavioral health providers through a variety of training topics. Motivational Interviewing Training Center is a duo of counselors who help behavioral health providers learn the evidence-based practice of Motivational Interviewing, to influence and maintain positive change in the lives of New Mexico families. MITC provides diverse and comprehensive trainings and coaching for those in the behavioral health field.

National Latino Behavioral Health Association (NLBHA)

NLBHA’s mission is to achieve behavioral health equity and provide new programs that respond to the diverse needs of the community in a culturally and linguistically appropriate way. NLBHA offers a breadth of services to include training, technical assistance, prevention programming, education/outreach and information, advocacy, behavioral health, workforce development and to individuals, community members, advocates, and behavioral health workers. NLBHA specializes in Latino behavioral health interventions that are culturally and linguistically appropriate that improve the wellbeing of the Latino community. In this work, NLBHA support the COI in the expansion of cultural and linguistic humility practice in New Mexico.

Center for Innovation in Population Health & TCOM

The Center for Innovation in Population Health and the University of Kentucky runs the TCOM Implementation, Development, Education, and Support (TIDES) team, which prepares systems and their staff through developing the skills and supports necessary to implement Transformational Collaborative Outcomes Management (TCOM). The TIDES team values ongoing workplace education and skills development within the TCOM values of shared vision, collaboration, communication, outcomes, and transparency. The TIDES team partners with the Center of Innovation to assist the State of New Mexico and their community-based programs to design and implement TCOM tools used in the New Mexico System of Care, including the Child & Adolescent Needs and Strength (NM CANS) Tool; the Protective Services New Mexico Crisis Assessment Tool (NM CAT); and the Children’s Mobile Response and Stabilization Crisis Assessment Tool (MRSS CAT).

Community Partners

The Center of Innovation collaborates with a number of community organizations in our work building and supporting the New Mexico System of Care.

Future Focused Education

Future Focused Education is a national nonprofit organization that focuses on better connecting underserved and nontraditional students to college careers. The Center of Innovation partners with Future Focused to connect young people to professional opportunities to engage in the development and continuous improvement of the NM System of Care as Certified Youth Peer Support Specialists. Future Focused also partners with the COI to advocate for the development of sustainable pathways for young people to enter the mental health field.


Families and Youth Innovations Plus

The Center of Innovation partners with FYI+ and their affiliated program, La Vida Project, in providing monthly virtual Safe Zone Trainings to New Mexico community providers. Our partnership hopes to provide awareness and education of LGBTQ+ identities and the prejudice experiences by the queer community, so providers can better support and affirm New Mexico’s LGBTQ+ population.


Local Collaborative 3 (LC3)

LC3 Behavioral Health Collaborative aspires to build a behavioral health system that is inclusive, organized, and centered on the individual and family and is committed to advocating for and providing comprehensive mental health and substance use disorder services for people across Dona Ana County. The Center of Innovation and LC3 share a common goal in strengthening New Mexico’s Behavioral Health Services. Through this, a parternship has been formed to maximize training opportunities for community members and licensed providers in evidence-based approaches. The trainings are offered at no cost to participants and allows community members and providers to earn certificates and continuation of education credits.

New Mexico Children’s Court Mediation Program

The Chidren’s Court Mediation Program is a resource for CYFD staff, families, and the Courts, which aids child welfare professionals in their work with families facing long term issues to reach permanency solutions for children. The NM Children’s Court Mediation Program partners with the Center of Innovation to provide training for its mediators, including Nurtured Heart Approach. Future collaborations are being considered to develop trainings about CCMP for the larger child welfare community.

Nurtured Heart Institute

The Nurtured Heart Insitute and the Center of Innovation partner to provide monthly training opportunities to the community. Additionally, the COI partners with national and local experts to assist practitioners in the application of the Nurtured Heart Approach in personal and professional settings.

Youth MOVE National

Youth MOVE National is a youth-driven, chapter-based organization dedicated to uniting the voices of youth nationwide. Founded in 2007 and officially registered as an independent 501(c)(3) organization in 2013, Youth MOVE National has grown to more than 60 chapters all around the country. They believe strongly that youth are the leaders of today, not tomorrow; all youth should be equal partners in the process of change; and that youth can motivate others through their voices of experience. Youth MOVE National is excited to be partnering with the Center of Innovation to bring opportunities to youth throughout New Mexico.