Mindfulness Practice

  1. Mindfulness Practice

What is Mindfulness Practice?

Mindfulness practice is fundamental to our ability to be fully present to the world as we move through it. Mindfulness is the practice of cultivating present moment awareness through informal and formal activities related to coming into the body, and being aware of the occurrence and impact of physical, mental, and emotional events that come and go.

Research Supports that an Ongoing Mindfulness Practice Cultivates:

• Increased empathy
• Reduced rumination
• Boosted working memory
• Improved focus
• Less emotional reactivity
• Increased cognitive flexibility
• Improved relationship satisfaction
• Enhanced self-compassion
• Decreased stress and anxiety
• Improved quality of life

(American Psychological Association, 2012)

Our Role in Supporting Mindfulness Practice

The Center of Innovation supports mindfulness practice as a strategy to improve the wellbeing and trauma responsiveness of our child and family serving systems. The COI offers a variety of training experiences related to mindfulness, facilitated by Liz Bennett who has been certified to teach Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction through Brown University’s School of Professional Studies. In addition to regularly offered training, the COI is available to coordinate mindfulness training customized to provider and stakeholder needs.

Mindfulness Practice Trainings Offered by the
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