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Cultural and Linguistic Humility

  1. Cultural and Linguistic Humility

What is Cultural and Linguistic Humility?

Cultural and Linguistic Humility is a lifelong process of self-reflection and self-critique whereby the individual not only learns about another’s culture, but starts with an examination of one’s own beliefs, values, and identities and how these domains show up in our interactions with families, youth, and colleagues.

Cultural and linguistic responsiveness is a cornerstone to building the System of Care in an ethnically, culturally, and linguistically diverse state such as New Mexico. It is a practice that encourages providers to take into account a family’s needs and strengths that are specific to their life experience, and to challenge the present-day impact of historical trauma in our communities.

Our Role in Cultural and Linguistic Humility

The Center of Innovation and CYFD-BHS facilitate the ongoing development and improvement of the System of Care in New Mexico by providing trainings in partnership with the New Mexico Black Leadership Council (NMBLC) and the National Latino Behavioral Health Association (NLBHA).

Cultural and Linguistic Humility Trainings Offered by the Center of Innovation

Upcoming Cultural and Linguistic Humility Trainings