This form is only for approved Children Youth and Families Department and Community Provider Agency Staff who are implementing the CANS in collaboration with CYFD. Please use this form to request a code to bypass the payment requirement on the TCOM Training and Certification Site for the CANS or YSA Certification. If you are not with an affiliated program you will be charged a $15 fee.

If you are recertifying as a CYFD employee,  it is likely that that your TCOM account was created using your email extension.  It’s highly recommended that you log into your TCOM account and change your email to your extension.  Otherwise, you may create a duplicate account.

Log into your account using your prior email address and password and use the steps below to update your email.
• Select ME > My Settings on the top Toolbar
• Select MY ACCOUNT on the left-hand side
• Select Update Email

If you need help logging into that system you may email or live support team:  [email protected]