Child Welfare & Juvenile Justice Excellence Awards

Child Welfare & Juvenile Justice Excellence Awards 

Since 2012, the Children’s Court Improvement Commission (CCIC) of the New Mexico Supreme Court has awarded Child Welfare & Juvenile Justice Excellence Awards to members of the Children’s Court community who have contributed significantly to their field and demonstrated outstanding dedication, leadership, knowledge, and integrity.

The Excellence Award nomination form is circulated in the fall throughout the child welfare and juvenile justice communities of New Mexico. Anyone can submit a nomination. All nominees are sent a special invitation to the CLI and winners are honored during the annual conference.

Some of the proposed categories are below:

  • Protective Service Worker
  • Tribal Social Service Worker
  • Juvenile Justice Worker
  • Behavioral Health Staff
  • Contract Attorney [GAL, Youth Attorney, Respondent Attorney]
  • Children’s Court Attorney in Child Welfare (CCA)
  • Children’s Court Attorney in Delinquency
  • Public Defender in Delinquency Matters
  • State or Tribal Judge
  • CASA Volunteer
  • SCAC Volunteer (Formerly known as CRB Member)
  • Resource Family Member
  • Parent/Family Member
  • Foster Youth Alumni
  • Juvenile Justice Alumni
  • Service Provider Agency/Organization
  • Other (suggest your own)

Submit a Nomination

Submissions open until November 12, 2021.

Previous Award Winners

2020 Award Recipients

Download the Presentation

  • Alisha Hawthorne, Behavioral Health

  • Rita Blazaitis, CASA Volunteer

  • Tyler Benting, Contract Attorney

  • Peggy Adegoke, CRB Member

  • Gayle Lane, CYFD Foster Parent

  • Janna Lopez, CYFD Junenile Justice

  • Jasmyn Marquez, CYFD Protective Services

  • Beth Gilla, General

  • Yasmin Haque, Other

  • Monica Ly, Parent

  • Alma Roberson, Public Defender in Delinquency

  • Jennifer DeLaney, State Judge

  • Alyssa Davis, YOUTH: Foster Youth Alumnus

  • Rosa Barraza, Service Provider

  • Daniel Dougherty, Children’s Court Attorney