NHA Practice & Evaluation Tools

Tools for Practice

Nurtured Heart Institute

National parent organization of the Nurtured Heart Approach. Visit their website to learn more about becoming a certified trainer, access training materials for current trainers, and connect to additional training opportunities.

NHA Integration and Practice Note

This two-page documentation tool can help meeting facilitators have a conversation guided by principles of the approach.

3 Stands of NHA Guiding Cards

This double-sided print-out can be used as a template for four 3×4 in reference cards, handy to have at one’s fingertips. Try printing and laminating them on colored paper.

Tools for Measuring the Impact of Nurtured Heart Approach

Inner Wealth Inventory

The Inner Wealth Inventory is a statistically validated survey tool that can be used to measure changes in Inner Wealth in adults over time. The survey tool is in the process of being validated for use with youth and children.

Nurtured Heart Approach Training Questionnaire

This questionnaire is designed to be used by NHA trainers for training evaluation. In addition, the Training Questionnaire can be used to screen job applicants, as a supervision tool for mentoring staff, and as a snapshot of agency culture.

New Day Youth Greatness Survey

This brief questionnaire can be completed by youth participants to indicate changes in how they experience and recognize their own qualities of greatness.