Motivational Interviewing


Recognized as an evidence-based practice, participants of this virtual workshop will learn the methods to engage, focus, evoke, and plan in an MI session, as well as the fundamentals of MI practice: understanding ambivalence, practicing with MI spirit, reflective listening, and learning the core MI skills of recognizing, evoking, and responding to a person’s “change talk”.

Community Partner Training- Sponsored by CYFD-BHS

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12 Social Work CEU | 12 Length

Alicia Shiver, MA, LADAC, LMHC & Lindsay Worth, LMHC, MPA, MA, Motivational Interviewing Training Center (MITC)

Learning Objectives

  • Explain the differences between motivational interviewing and other therapeutic methods.
  • Demonstrate understanding of ambivalence and the stages of change.
  • Describe the 4 processes of motivational interviewing.
  • List and explain the components of the MI spirit.
  • Use OARS skills to effectively engage in practice and role plays.
  • Explain the difference between change talk and sustain talk.
  • Identify 3 methods for evoking change talk.
  • Demonstrate ability to use methods for identifying, evoking, and responding to change talk.


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