New Mexico Child & Adolescent Needs & Strengths (CANS) Train the Trainer

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The New Mexico CANS Certified Trainer Training workshop is designed for individuals who have completed the New Mexico CANS Orientation and TCOM Overview and are interested in coaching and/or training their staff on the CANS. Key concepts and skills will be practiced through small group discussions, exercises and activities.

Community Partner Training- Sponsored by CYFD-BHS

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6 Social Work CEU | 7 Length

University of Kentuky’s Center for Innovation in Population Health

Learning Objectives

  • Articulate the context in which the CANS is being used in New Mexico.
  • Describe the key principles of a communimetric tool and its application in rating the New
    Mexico CANS items.
  • Demonstrate the understanding of core TCOM concepts through:
  • Develop examples illustrating the Six key principles of a communimetric tool
  • Develop CANS domain level vignettes providing practice on identifying specific domain items and application of the action levels based on vignette description
  • Produce one training vignette for the CANS with recommended action levels and rationale
  • Develop an action plan with a Theory of Change based on the trainer developed vignette and action levels.
  • Provide a general overview training on the CANS that leads to reliable completion of the CANS and certification.