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This training builds off the foundational information given in the Introduction to QSR, and further teaches participants planning to be QSR Reviewers or seeking to understand the review process more in-depth and how to apply QSR measures and demonstrate scoring of QSR measures. The training process to become a Quality Service Review reviewer combines classroom learning with hands-on experience. After attending training, if ready to move forward with becoming a reviewer, the trainee is assigned to a seasoned QSR reviewer to serve as mentor. Working as a team, the reviewer-in-training is provided opportunities for observation and gradually takes on a more active role. Training activities are designed to provide inter-rater reliability, ensuring accuracy in the resulting data.

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12 Social Work CEU | 14 Length

Kate Gibbons LISW, LCSW, Ph.D , Rebecca Tarango-McCabe, Center of Innovation

Learning Objectives

  • Gather, analyze, and interpret, and assess information relevant to the case review process from case files and interviews in the time allowed.
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of practice using the QSR protocol.
  • Explain the QSR process to interviewees
  • Identify and apply a range of QSR interviewing techniques, balancing the need to gather accurate information with the needs and background of the interviewee.
  • Consistently achieve scoring concurrence of 90% or more with mentor-reviewer.
  • Communicate an understanding of the practice model that underpins the QSR.
  • Use a strength-based, culturally responsive approach during interactions with agency staff, person/youth and family and other interview participants.
  • Provide an effective verbal summary of review findings.
  • Provide an effective written summary of review findings in the form prescribed.
  • Identify and continually assess learning needs, ask questions of mentor/reviewer, and respond constructively to developmental feedback.
  • Demonstrate awareness of reviewer role, boundaries, and responsibilities.


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