Youth Peer Support 101

Provides a general overview of peer support and the importance of peer support tailored to youth. Covers the role of a Youth Peer Support Specialist (YPSS) within an agency and best practices for incorporating a YPSSs into the agency as a whole. Click the button below if you would like to request this training.

Youth Peer Support Certification Training

This 40-hour training is required for certification as a Youth Peer Support Specialist and covers important topics such as professionalism, ethics, diversity, personal wellness, adolescent development, and mental health. Youth who participate will gain experience in how to use their own lived experience as a guide for others while maintaining personal boundaries and encouraging self-sufficiency and independence.


Youth Peer Support Supervisor Training

Over a period of 10 hours, this training drills down to the heart of what Youth Peer Support is and what it is not. The training also covers how YPSS Supervisors can create a safe and supportive environment where Specialists can effectively utilize their expertise and develop professionally.


Follow–Up Trainings: Special Topics

Follow-up trainings are periodically offered on specialized topics to build the knowledge and skills of YPSSs. Please refer to the training calendar for the current training schedule.