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Jane Challen Clarke, PhD

Jane has a Ph.D. in Special Education specializing in Early Childhood Language/Learning Disabilities, and masters’ degrees in Speech/Language Pathology and Learning Disabilities. She completed post-doctoral work at Fielding University and two post-graduate fellowships in Infant-Parent Mental Health through the Parent-Infant & Child Institute, Napa, California and the University of Massachusetts.

In addition, Jane recently completed a fellowship in Reflective Supervision Consultation and Facilitation in Napa through the University of California-Davis. Jane has extensive experience working with high-risk infants, young children and families, and is trained in multiple infant mental health, dyadic assessment procedures, and interventions including Video Microanalysis with Beatrice Beebe, PhD, the Foundational Capacities for Development (FCD) Model through the Profectum Foundation, Coding Interactive Behavior (CIB) with Ruth Feldman, PhD, and the Neurosequential Model of Therapeutics with Dr. Bruce Perry. She developed the DIAPER (Developmentally Informed Assessment Per Each Relationship), the DOVE (DIAPER Observational Video Event), and co-developed the CIAP (Clinical Information and Progress).

Currently, Jane is a statewide trainer, developer, and consultant with NM-CYFD BHS – Infant Mental Health – Child Parent Psychotherapy Community of Practice in partnership with New Mexico State University Center of Innovation for Behavioral Health and Well-Being. She has been endorsed by the NMAIMH as an Infant Mental Health Mentor – Clinical (IMH-E®IV) since 2007.